Scholarships for Girls

Mujeres en Cambios is a strictly volunteer program that is helping young girls to complete their educations. The girls are from extreme poverty levels in rural areas of central Mexico. The program has been very successful to date with each new school year bringing in new potential students. The students are given funds (called beccas) to provide for extras during the school year. This is money their parents don’t have available to help with school.


This year there will be 9 university students, and 18 middle school and high school students. The students are held to a very high standard in order to qualify for assistance. The students must show reports from school confirming at least 85% average. The university students are studying things like:Computer Science, Architecture, Law, Nursing, Accounting. Mujeres en Cambio works through grants like the one from Lacewing. The grants support the ongoing reversal of poverty and to aid population control through the education of young women in their reproductive health.

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