The Seeds for Progress team has successfully built a beginning school program in areas of
Guatemala that are very remote. Teacher training programs are doing well. 4 schools are now
operating and 3-4 more will be added in 2023. The challenges are great but the passion for
education is also great

SFP is making an analysis of the needs in these departments. Reading and Writing are the
most needed at all ages. They will reach 439 students this year, They have 14 teachers
available. 193 girls among the students is an exemplary outcome in furthering the girls’
educations programs outlined last year. The teacher training program is ongoing and will add
further resources.

Lacewing is very excited to be able to support these efforts in Guatemala. We have been so
successful in working with Seeds for Progress in education in Nicaragua. Since 2004, We have
seen 47 children graduate from high school. And we are thrilled that the Las Marias area now
has its own high school for all students to enjoy this opportunity.

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