Scholarship Program

Lacewing and Las Marias have been working together since 2004. Las Marias was our first multi year scholarship program. The school only had one classroom and 6 grades
of children. We have helped them build two more classroom buildings, bathroom facilities, and a break room for the teachers. Now they have an accredited High School on the site as well. All children can attend high school at Las Marias without leaving home.

We have graduated almost 30 children from five year programs. Currently we have 8 students in La Bastilla, a very good technical agricultural school.
The students at La Bastilla are all doing very well despite the severe political unrest in their country these days. None of them were allowed to go home due to the dangerous situation around their village.


We have worked with Seeds of Progress, a US non profit over the years. A group of Nicaraguan business people who want to help educate their children. We are very honored to have been able to support their continued work. Lacewing is pleased to be able to support these students follow their dreams.

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