This is our first year to be working with Seeds for Progress in Guatemala. Based on the
amazing work SFP has done in Nicaragua they will be expanding their Seeds to Learn 1st – 3rd
grade program into 4 schools in the Jalapa and Palencia areas. This includes providing a
facilitator for teacher training; materials needed for reading and writing; and technology for

to date they are helping to educate 342 children in elementary school (including 156
girls! – a very large number for rural areas), and 15 teachers, (including 11 women.) Since
these remote schools are deficient in many basic learning tools and facilities SFP is focusing on
increasing math, reading, and writing skills to bring all children up to the appropriate levels.
They will also focus on increasing the number of women and girls involved in the process of
learning as teachers and students.

Lacewing is very excited to be able to support these efforts in Guatemala. We have been so
successful in working with Seeds for Progress in education in Nicaragua. Since 2004, We have
seen 47 children graduate from high school. And we are thrilled that the Las Marias area now
has its own high school for all students to enjoy this opportunity.

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