Nurturing Minds is a U.S. based non-profit that funds and supports SEGA (Secondary Education Girls Advancement) Girls’ School in Morogoro, Tanzania. SEGA provides a quality, holistic education that employs the Tanzanian curriculum and adds further value through life skills, entrepreneurship, leadership training, environmental stewardship, career development, community outreach, and scholarships for continuing education. Students are selected from 20 different communities throughout the country and come from families who are too poor to pay school fees and associated costs (books, uniforms, transportation) necessary for them to enter secondary school.

Thanks to SEGA, over 250 girls per year are now able to continue their secondary studies with another 300 girls receiving life skills training and financial literacy through our community outreach program called Modern Girl in 16 rural communities. At the 10th anniversary celebration of SEGA in July, many family members shared that they had taken what their girls had taught them in agricultural, finance and health to better improve their lives.


The Lacewing Foundation has been supporting various programs at SEGA (on-going computer training, additional teacher training support, field trips, etc.) after 2015. We have been impressed with the continued improvement in the graduates’ national exam (NECTA) results as well as more students are finishing their last two years of high school after SEGA and going on to advanced education and university.

Nurturing Minds mission then end after Tanzania. There is a particular emphasis on girls who are and at-risk of becoming involved in exploitative forms of child labor. Nurturing Minds achieves this through the development and support of SEGA Girls’ School.

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