STEAM represents Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics. This program is focussed on middle and high school girls of color in the greater Seattle area. Each year 25 to 35 girls are chosen to participate in Building Steam. The children are engaged in a number of non-school educational experiences. The girls are exposed to mentors and role models in their community. They have the opportunity to attend a summer camp for looking into science together. The girls are taken into many different kinds of professional environments to gather a sense of going forward in their lives. They are offered Experiences that will broaden their lives. The curriculum includes 30 hours of classroom training in 3D, tech, and robotics.

The program is designed to enhance girls’ interest in these fields of study with the goal being college attendance. The mission is to provide transformative experiences that support self discovery, personal skill development and academic confidence. The Greater Seattle Chapter of the Links has been working with these young women for eight years. They have engaged many local partners to help give these girls experiences, exposure, and encouragement. Building STEAM is a great example of the community stepping up to help their young girls become their communities’ future leaders.There are 35 middle school girls enrolled in the program.

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