Lacewing Foundation is an International Non Profit Organization
Dedicated to improving Health and
Education for Women and Children We see
good health as the critical starting point for improving lives.
Lacewing believes that education is a basic necessity for
creating positive change in the world

Who We Are

Lacewing Foundation began in 2004 with the hope of identifying tools we could offer to women and children to help them change their lives. We want women around the globe to be safe and to able to feed their children. We want children to have decent educations, enough food and water and a supportive family.

Lacewing Foundation believes that meaningful change can take place when people are provided with the right tools and opportunities. Now in 2018 we are proud to share some of the many wonderful outcomes of our current projects. We support several scholarship and curriculum programs in Nicaragua, Mexico, Tanzania and Cambodia.
We have also had the privilege to support healthcare projects through clinics and surgical centers in many countries, Guatemala, Kenya, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan.
Today we are supporting projects in the US in two states, Washington and California, And eight countries.

We thank you for your interest in the Lacewing Foundation. Stay tuned in as we continue our mission. You may find a program you would like to support along with us.

Our Projects

Causes We Work For…


In every country in the world children go to bed hungry every night. Even in the most prosperous country in the world.And even though 50% of the world population has addressed their hunger issues, the other 50% is barely hanging on. This is not acceptable. There is food enough on earth to feed us all.


Education is a priority for all children. It is an opportunity and a privilege.
The work is more schools in rural areas, more qualified teachers,
new books, new classrooms, they need everything. Governmental cooperation support and finances are needed to educate children. Education is a pathway to a new life.

Human Rights

Human rights are being trampled all over the world. Particularly the rights of women and children. Those who cannot defend themselves are subjected to the most horrible torture. Devastating people,families, communities is the norm today in war. Rape is part of cultural punishment and war. We cannot look away until this travesty is gone.

Clean Water

Water is the source of life. Our most precious resource is fast diminishing. Access to clean water for drinking, cooking and washing is a necessity of life. Hours and hours each day are spent in the collecting of water. Every day of the year.
Wells, pipelines and pumps are desperately needed in every rural area of every developing country.

Countless women and children in every country have no healthcare. There are no services, no doctors, no nurses, no midwives, no supplies, no drugs. No one is there to help them learn even the basics of healthcare, hygiene and treatment. We need to provide support for as many women and children as we can.


Around the world, there are women and girls who have never been taught about contraception. They have no control over their bodies and their babies.
There are so many options for them to understand and use but very few outlets for information. In many places women are not allowed to talk about their reproductive health at all. Not even with their mothers, doctors or husbands. This has got to change.

Please Learn More About Our Projects

Since 2004, Lacewing has made grants for a variety of programs

to help women and young people reclaim their lives.


Your donation can help Lacewing Foundation continue its work
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