Lacewing Foundation is an international non-profit organization dedicated to improving health and education for women and children.

Lacewing believes that good health and education are basic necessities crucial to creating positive change in the world.

Who We Are

Lacewing Foundation began in 2004 with the goal of identifying tools we could offer to women and children to help them improve their lives. We strive to help women around the world to be safe and Healthy and to be able to feed their children. We further seek to provide children and their families with quality education, nutritious food and safe water.

Lacewing Foundation believes that meaningful change can take place when people are provided with the right tools and opportunities.


2020 and 2021 have been difficult for all our grantees’ projects. These two years have been tough for organizations all around the globe. They have lost government funding. They have lost donor funding. Some had to move their students back to their parents’ homes until such time as they could come back to school safely. Many had fewer students. and fewer teachers. Some children had no source of replacement food that was normally provided by school breakfast and lunch programs. Many people became even more trapped in slavery, not able to reach out for help. Their futures all seemed unstable.

Gratefully, the human spirit rises to the occasion. The children were able get back to school.
The doctors kept doing surgeries. Babies are being born to women who understand the process of pregnancy and delivery. Young men are graduating from High school. Young women are looking forward to the possibility of attending university.

LACEWING FOUNDATION commends our grantees on all of the creative lengths they have gone to and the hours of work they have done. All have managed so far, coming through with a plan for the coming year. Ready to face another year.

This treacherous virus is on the rise again. Vaccinations are being given. We look forward to 2021 T0 2022 being more compassionate, healthier, safer. We are praying that the end of this year brings the COVID 19 virus under control.

All the best to you,

Mary Williams
Board Chair


We often get the question,” What is a Lacewing?” Green lacewings are small, net-winged insects That are found all over the world. They are desirable because of their extreme ability to eliminate harmful insects from gardens and fields. Lacewings feed on both plants and animals. They are also very effective pollinators. We were very attracted by their ability to help gardens of all kinds grow and thrive. Their lacy wings are beautiful and very feminine as well. Hence, Lacewing Foundation.

Lacewing accomplishes our mission through a system of small grants to small 501c3 organizations who support some facet of women’s and children’s health or education in placesthat are underserved. We like to focus on helping smaller organizations grow while becoming
independent of our help over short time periods.

We are proud to share some of the many wonderful outcomes of our current projects. We support several scholarship and curriculum programs in Nicaragua, Mexico, Tanzania, and Cambodia. We also support healthcare projects through clinics, surgical centers and shelters globally.

Thank you for your interest and support of Lacewing Foundation.

Our Projects

Causes We Work For…


Our goal is to help end hunger domestically and internationally by helping families access resources and learn to grow food sustainably.


We focus on women and children in predominately underserved and rural areas around the world. We strive to provide them with the education and tools necessary to achieve greater self esteem, skill set success, and financial independence opportunities. We strongly believe that education is a pathway to a new life.

Human Rights

Our resources are directed toward the most vulnerable women and children. Particularly those who suffer abuses of all kinds and those who are victims of human trafficking and slavery.

Clean Water

We support entities that provide access to potable water via wells, pipelines and pumps.
This not only improves families health but also dramatically reduces collection time (sometimes as much as 6 hours per day) for women and children in developing nations. Thus giving them time to grow better food, start small businesses, and spend time together.


Countless women and children have no access to basic healthcare.
We provide much needed funds for doctor visits, gynecological healthcare services, contraceptive education, and surgical centers for women, girls and their families globally.

Please Learn More About Our Projects

Since 2004, Lacewing has made grants for a variety of programs

to help women and young people reclaim their lives.


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