Youthcare provides services to homeless, runaway, and street involved youth. Since 2008, Lacewing has made grants for a variety of programs to help these young people reclaim their lives.

Once again this year, we are supporting The Bridge Collaborative. The Bridge is a recovery program for commercially, sexually exploited youth. The program provides secure, therapeutic shelter and services to those who need to heal from their trauma.

The goal is to help them become restored adults. Through the Bridge program Lacewing will help 5 young women with subsidized training, and/or internships and externships. Helping them on their way to meaning employment and a way off the streets.

Youthcare’s mission is to help these young people become restored and functioning adults. Through the Bridge program Lacewing helps young women in training as baristas, and as ceramic artists. They are provided with subsidized training and internships. Helping them on their way to meaningful employment and a real way off the streets. On graduation, it is wonderful to see these young people making their way with renewed hope and energy, confidence and courage.

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