Women of Fistula

The Fistula Foundation was created to meet an unbelievable need. Many women are too young to be delivering a baby or they are in labor 24 to 36 hours. Their bodies are severely damaged by the pressure of the baby stuck inside. A hole is created called an obstetric fistula. This hole will cause her to be incontinent for the rest of her life. These poor women are shunned and ostracized by their families and forced to live alone. Often times the baby is stillborn not being able to survive the labor.


In developing countries there are very few surgeons who have been trained to repair the fistula. (Almost no women surgeons) There are even fewer hospitals qualified to perform the surgery. There is no help for these women. Some women spend their lives isolated by this condition.

Emergency Proportions

The Fistula Foundation has transformed the lives of 35,000 women around the world.
They not only operate on the women but also train more doctors to do the procedure, and are instrumental in supporting hospitals and clinics to add this vital cure.
There are more than a million women suffering from fistula. Lacewing is proud to support the Fistula Foundation. Our goal is that one day fistula will be a condition of the past.

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