SSI has made great progress since Lacewing began supporting their work. Lacewing has supported the establishment of the English Zone. Currently there are a minimum of 36 students enrolled in the English Zone. SSI offers three levels of english instruction. A very innovative way to help these Cambodian children learn to speak english. This will greatly help in the preparation of moving into their work lives. Currently there are 28 full time students in the Leadership Academy.
We have also supported the Leadership Academy. A program which gives the students leadership skills and experience. The Academy focuses on entrepreneurship, personal development, academic and professional success.

This year they will graduate more students. Each of them will return to their own villages to give back 80 hours a year to help others who are hoping to follow them into educations of their own. This is part of the commitment the students make when they join the school program initially. 100% of the alumni of SSI have been employed in their fields of study. These programs offer ways for graduates to actually achieve the lives they have always dreamed of.

The Family Strengthening Program worked directly with 100 parents, impacting 600 lives in their families. They are divided into five Self Help Groups. These groups were in the importance of training,business planning, positive parenting and gender based violence. A percentage of the savings pool is given out as loans to the parents. In 2020, they will conduct an entrepreneurial training for 26 members. Provide quarterly life skills training.
Invest seed funding in 20 solid business projects. Invest funds to increase the five groups’ funds
And create a pool of mentors among the parents who will be agents of change.

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