Space Between promotes well being in schools through mindfulness practices.
They bring the research based practices of yoga, breathing and mindfulness to children, teens, educators and families. They strive to create healing centered, relationship based environments in schools. When implemented with this community approach, mindfulness tools promote attention, regulation, compassion, stress reduction, well being, and resilience.
The work that Space Between is all based on their values: Healing, Equity, Compassion, Leadership, Learning, and Transparency.


There are three programs in the Space Between work.

In classroom Teaching and Coaching. Facilitators work directly with students in their classrooms on mindful movement, breathing, listening, and other mindfulness tools.

Mindful Educator Training and Retreats. The facilitators work directly with educators
through retreats and in schools teaching them mindfulness practices of their own and how this self-awareness affects their teaching and student interactions.

Programs for Families. Space Between educates families on mindfulness practices, current research, and tools for mindfulness practices for their children.


Studies show that children and teens are experiencing unprecedented levels of stress.
Suicides and attempts have increased in student populations. Many children have experienced trauma and many lose sleep due to stress.
Teachers are also experiencing high stress levels.The need to emotionally support tired, stressed out and traumatized students is far beyond normal expectations for academic teachers.
Research has shown that mindfulness practices can address many of these issues and effect behavioral changes over time.
Space Between expects to directly impact 2000 people who will in turn impact thousands more.

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