Rxinn Tnamet

Rxinn Tnamet was founded in 1980. They are aimed at helping indigenous women in Guatemala. They train and hire only Mayan healthcare workers. Rxinn Tnamet has grown to be the most important community health center in the Santiago de Atltlan region of Guatemala. They provide health services and family care. They provide training for women in sexual health and reproductive rights. The also train midwives and provide midwifery services.


Rxinn Tnamet has reached 2,600 adult women and 10,000 adolescent young women and 4,500 girls. Almost all these women and girls are non Spanish speaking. They speak only their local dialect, 75% live in poverty and 42% are illiterate.
The Guatemalan government does not recognize the need for rural women or girls to receive any education at all. The government is also supporting a long standing ban on women speaking about their reproductive health and function.
Through their advocacy campaigns and their groundbreaking radio transmissions about teen reproductive function they have reached another 30,000 people. About 50% of the population of their communities.

These women are brave warriors standing up against staggering odds to inform other women on early pregnancies, domestic violence, cervical cancer, sexual health and reproductive options. Lacewing is thrilled that we can help these courageous women take back more control of their lives in an environment with no history of support.

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