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Nurturing Minds is the U.S. arm of SEGA (Secondary Education for Girls Advancement) located in Morogoro,Tanzania. Nurturing Minds provides the funding for the operations of running the school. Many of the girls are orphans. All the girls are too poor to pay for any type of school fees. many are marginalized and at risk of exploitation.

The school, which started in 2008, is in the top 25% of small schools in the country. At SEGA not only do they prepare the girls academically,but teach them life-skills.



Lacewing has been helping to establish a computer lab. They now have 50 computers and 160 children have benefitted.

In 2015, Our board member, Angela McManus visited the school, attending their third graduation. Angela was very taken by these smart, vivacious girls. She was extremely impressed by the incredible progress this school has made.

In 2016, Lacewing continued to provide support for ongoing computer training Through this program, the girls will be better prepared for the opportunity to use computers in higher education and obtain mainstream jobs upon graduation.


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